Monday, March 03, 2008

Day 38 "In the trenches" (catching up edition)

Gettin' dug out up here. Had a candidate in today--long full day for him and for us. Started this morning with a 7am breakfast meeting for gifted-and-talented prospective students, where I was asked to talk about Study Abroad activities. 9:15 pickup the candidate; 10am teach; 11am observe candidate teaching guest lecture; 12:30 lunch (fortunately, the SOM picks up the tab, so we could take him here, which is typically a good place for us to bring a foodie); 2pm research presentation; 3:30 meeting with SOM Director; 6pm quick solo dinner at home before heading off to play for the monthly set-dance class and ceili. Too tired to blog, but the catchphrase for the day is:

We make our own fun.

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