Sunday, September 18, 2005


Sorry for relative dearth of posts. We've started the Fall semester here at TTU, and though I'm teaching courses I've taught before, all of us in the MUHL department (Angie, myself, Stacey Houck, Cara Pollard) are drastically ramping-up the "wired" nature of our presentations. So now all of my lectures are on PowerPoints, played from the laptop, and almost all the in-class audio and video is likewise from the laptop. It massively improves our content delivery, and certainly is much more engaging for our students--who are very visually-oriented and essentially "post-literate." But it's time consuming and takes a lot of concentration: to make sure the wireless works everywhere in the buildings, that the laptops can talk to each other, that the FM transmitters from the iPods and laptops to the permanent audio racks work, etc.

Newest: got the wireless network online at home (typing from there now, in fact). This drastically expands the amount of work we can do at home--especially on two computers at once--which unfortunately makes it that much harder to drag oneself away from the laptop. Should be more up-to-date with blogs, though.

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