Friday, September 23, 2005

Benedict: the Church of Paul, Torquemada, and and Pius XII...not of Augustine, Francis, or Merton

Lest there would be any question about relaxation of doctrinal rigidity or expansion of compassionate tolerance, the new pope--a former hatchetman and rules-enforcer for John Paul II--has declared himself firmly in the hateful, condemnatory, hierarchical, and judgmental tradition of the misogynist Paul, the Inquisitorial Torquemada, and the anti-Semitic Pius XII, with a bull banning gays from the priesthood entirely.

Benedict is another in a long line of hate-preaching Popes. A sad day for the church of compassion, inclusivity, tolerance, and love preached by St Augustine, St Francis, and Thomas Merton.


Melissa said...

I think you're missing the point. Do you think it is right for a homosexual person who show no repentance for their sin to be a spiritual leader in a church?

I'm not Catholic, so I don't know a lot about the new Pope. However, I'm not against him forbidding homosexual priests and spiritual leaders in the Catholic Church.

True Christians know that we are all sinners and have only compassion for those who are burdened with a sin such as homosexuality. However, that doesn't mean we should condone or even reward those who openly commit these sins without remorse by giving them leadership positions in our churches.

CJS said...

Sorry, Melissa, I think that you're missing the point. Not everyone believes that homosexuality is a sin. In fact, many quite intelligent cultures and peoples have believed that sexual orientation is private, personal, and carries no burden of blame or sin at all.

You're also missing another point: I'm not a Christian, so don't feel any obligation to subscribe to such narrow definitions of belief.

Nor do I believe that "True Christians know that we are all sinners." Not all true Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin; many revered church leaders in all sects have spoken with great compassion and tolerance on behalf of all sexual orientations.

Historically, those leaders who have sought to condemn homosexuality have sought to do so with some nebulous definition of "sin." That nebulosity served them well: it let Paul condemn women AND gays; it let Pius XII betray Jews to the Nazis; it let Hitler send not only Jews, but also gays, gypsies, and several other minorities to the gas chambers.

Looking at the list of those who have condemned homosexuality, are you sure you really want to be included on that list? Would any "true Christian"?

Lee William said...

sounds like they are going to continue to preach in the language of separation sad. i continue to read the published letters of thomas merton enlightened.