Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Coyotebanjo" and

Friends and neighbors:

Brief commercial announcement:

My Irish traditional music disc, Coyotebanjo, with Randal Bays (fiddle) and Roger Landes (bouzouki), plus guests Angie Mariani (singing "Short Jacket and White Trousers" and "So Early in the Spring") and John Perrin (bodhran on four tracks) has shipped and I've got copies in hand. 71:00 minutes of music. Buy from me on the gigs or via The latter site has excerpts of all tracks.

On another note: my website is up in a preliminary version:
Includes complete liner notes, gig list, photos, etc.

Feel free to visit, sign the mailing list, leave a note in the guestbook so I know you've been.


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