Monday, September 19, 2005

This is an example of the outrageous and cynical political opportunism of the Bush II White House. The Shrub himself, as a policy-maker, "leader," and the person ultimately responsible for appointing utterly incompetent federal officials, is massively at fault for the loss of life and property--the sheer magnitude of human suffering--which Katrina caused. But his handlers want to minimize the degree to which Bush II is blamed for this. So the handlers set up a website which puts the Bush name (Bush I, but it's the family name) in direct proximity to (and preceding) that of Clinton, who whatever other faults he possessed really did care, demonstrably, about poor people, and links both the Bush and Clinton names to Katrina relief.

Why not simply ""?


Because ultimately, for the Bush White House everything--even charity--is about spin and image control. If they could make more political capital about claiming that Katrina victims' suffering was their "own fault", they would. In fact, they did: just ask Brownie. If they could make more political capital by fobbing off responsibility on local or state officials, they would; just ask Condi. If they could make more capital about claiming the victims were now "better off," they would. In fact, they did: just ask Barbara (and there's a person who's going to spend a few extra eons in the lower circles of hell).

Clinton himself slammed the Bush government today for their disregard of the poor. But the Bushies know that shame is irrelevant to political gain--they'll claim anything, no matter how bald-faced the lie, and rely on the Goebbelsian "Big Lie" to put it across.

Make the Lie big enough, and loud enough, and repeat it often enough, and people will believe it.


Anonymous said...

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The Bishop said...

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Melissa said...

All politicians are liars and thieves. Why should the Bush family be any different?

CJS said...

They're not different.

But they're much, much worse.