Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Traditional Tunes for Progressive Goals

Always interested to connect music, community, and grass-roots political activism. Hosting a MoveOn House Party Saturday evening July 9; details below:

Tech Terrace
9 Jul 07:00 PM

Traditional Irish music house party rallying for community and progressive politics. Semi-handicap accessible (two small steps up), 1 friendly cat in residence.

If you're interested in signing up to attend, click on the link

Thought for the day: There was a time when all music was local music first, all politics local politics in impact, if not in origin. Global corporate states seek to erode local community, because alienated individuals are more willingly-passive consumers. Taking control of local music-making and the re-creation of local culture is thus a political action. This hearkens back to the 1970s environmentalist slogan "Think globally, act locally." E.g., recognize the global impact of personal choices, but emphasize action in your local environment, as that is where you can have the most immediate and ongoing impact. It also connects with Buddhist ethics about taking responsibility for one's own direct actions.

Local music builds community. Communities can act in concert to shape the policies affecting their lives. Music, particularly local music, particularly local music made by participants for participants, can help strengthen communities' connections and sense of purpose.

The linkup, therefore, between local music and local community activism is a logical, venerable, and still-vital one.

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