Monday, July 25, 2005

Nailed: DOD fails to keep its propaganda straight

Two different terrorist attacks in Iraq, two different comments condemning the attackers, both comments attributed to an "unidentified Iraqi," both using identical language. Even CNN figured out that the DOD was falsifying pro-US comments.

DOD, State, and the White House continue to lie about the situation. Top headline on CNN's website on this day/date/time: Iraqi insurgents are infiltrating police recruit intakes "due to poor screening procedures by the US."

This cannot be done on the cheap. White House needs to admit error, acknowledge it's a chaotic situation, and formulate a real (if painful, and politically costly) exit strategy. See Robert Dreyfuss from, same date. White House refuses to do so, because to admit error or formulate an exit strategy would be to acknowledge that the near-1800 US deaths (and the intentionally-uncounted but possibly 6-figure Iraqi civilian deaths) were preventable, and occurred so that W could "build political capital."

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