Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Status update

Status since last report

Big news: Coyotebanjo materials finally shipped! Master and graphics are in the hands of Oasis and I'd expect to have discs by September 1 05. Been a long time coming

Altramar was SUCCESSFUL at extricating ourselves from Dorian bankruptcy proceedings. NY State bankruptcy judge found strongly in our affair, making a hugely positive statement about the rights of artists to control their own futures and their own creations. Anybody who would like to know more about our experience is welcome to email me through blogger, but suffice it to say that they were wrong and we were right; we won and they lost.

Articles submitted this summer:
  • "Trusting the Tradition: The Meaning of the Irish Session Workshop”. Accepted for publication in Proceedings of the VIIth International Symposium on Cultural Diversity in Music Education: The Local and the Global (Brisbane, Australia). This is the print "Foreword" to the workshop to be presented at the Queensland conference (Nov 2005) on "Diversity in Musical Education"
  • "Reclaiming the Commons One Tune at a Time: Teaching Irish Traditional Music as Culture and Community." Submitted by invitation to New Hibernia Review (Spring 2006 publication anticipated).
  • "'Between Green Hedges and Ditches:' Narrative, Allusion, and Musicality in a Folk-Recitation by Séamus Ennis." Submitted by invitation to the Journal of Folklore Research (Fall 2005).
  • "Gaelic and Continental Musical Interaction in Early Modern Ireland." Accepted for publication in The Renaissance in Ireland (Four Courts, forthcoming).
  • "Cinematic Constructions of Irish Musical Identity." Accepted for publication in Popular Culture and Postmodern Ireland (Blackrock, forthcoming).
  • "Jazz Processes: Nicholas Gebhardt's Going for Jazz and David Ake's Jazz Cultures" (review). Journal of the American Musicological Society (Summer 2005).
Articles in progress:
  • "Ethnomusicology in Oils: Irish-Americans, African-Americans, and the Ethnographic Paintings of William Sidney Mount." Targetted by invitation to Music in Art (2006 publication anticipated).
Other activities:
  • I'll be serving as "Celtic Guitar" consultant/interview subject for four-part series on BBC-World Service, The Story of the Guitar.
  • Planning a trad-music duo recording with Angie.
  • Updating/expanding WebCT sites for Fall 2005 classes "World Music" and "Introduction to Research and Style Analysis"
  • Just about completed CJS tenure dossier; due September 1.
  • Guest lecture "FJ Haydn's Missa in angustiis" for TTU Summer Choral Institute.
  • Having completed PPT presentation and "Creative Class" (Richard Florida) report, resigned Supporters of Fine Arts (friends of the Buddy Holly Center), Lubbock, TX
  • Coaching various master's and DM students' theses: Eric Peterson (on Welcher's Minstrels of the Kells) and Arthur Plotts (on Primitive Baptist hymn singing in West Texas)
  • Regular Friday pub session with Last Night's Fun continues.
  • Regular Thursday evening listening gig at Sugar Brown's.
  • Planning TTU Honors College seminar "Music, Folklore, and Traditional Culture in Irish History" for Spring 2006. Looks like this intersession trip will definitely happen.
  • Getting started on Oxford proposal for The Wheels of the World: The Untold Story of American Music and Radical Politics
  • Fine-tuning article on William Sidney Mount for Music in Art (CUNY periodical)
  • Just completed show #17 (Acadie: Celtic Music from French Canada) for the new Celtic Shores program on KOHM; good initial feedback from the community
  • Submitted proposal on Patsy Touhey at 1893 World Columbian Exposition (Chicago) for Society of American Music meetings in Chicago May 2006
  • Practicing box and learning tunes, but these days mostly working on bouzouki (with Angie gone, bouzouki is better in sessions than banjo).

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