Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just how education-unfriendly can a hardware manufacturer be? Say hello to H-P!

To the Advertising Division:

I write to castigate the Advertising Division on what may be the most education-unfriendly advertisement I have ever seen on network television. I refer to the recent series in which students in a large lecture hall secretly surf the web, play video games, or exchange text messages because the professor speaking is so obviously "uncool" and "boring." The idea that a hardware supplier positioning itself for the educational market would attempt to sell its products by conveying to students how easily those products may be used to ignore classroom material and cheat students of the value of their own educations would be laughable if it were not so irresponsible.

I'm a popular professor at my large state university (check pickaprof.com if you doubt me) and I can assure you that I will share my displeasure regarding your distorted, adolescent, and irresponsible advertising as widely as possible. Lexmark, Dell, and Linux will see a lot more of my and my colleagues' business as a result of this asinine advertising campaign.

The agency who wrote the ad for you should be fired and the HP executive who approved it ought to be spanked.


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