Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thanks again, you Tea-Baggers

[bootlegged from a comments thread on friend's FB page--which same location I try to avoid, as threads can get hijacked]

Re/ O'Donnell's Pyrrhic victory in Delaware (yes, Tea-Baggers, I know you've never heard the word "Pyrrhic": that's why I use it):

@Alice: I agree. There's a (loud) lunatic fringe of frightened elderly middle-class or angry disenfranchised working-class folks who find people like Sharia Palin and Xtian O'Donnell "empowering," but I suspect that the Tea-Baggers spell the end of the Republican part as a viable competitor--because the corporatist Republican mainstream will NEVER be sufficiently ideologically pure--hence, they're going to continue to get dumped.
Bring it, you mothers. You sold your souls to loud lunatics, and your party is toast as a result. Have a nice day!

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