Friday, September 17, 2010

The genius that is Tim Toles

I grew up on the cold rocky coasts of the North Atlantic. I knew those guys from Southie and Dorchester who, even if they weren't very well educated, knew damned well when somebody was taking advantage of them, or talking down to them. I worked on the fishing boats alongside the descendants of those foul-mouthed fishermen and rope-wainers who boarded the Dartmouth and threw that shit overboard.

Yo, Tea-Baggers? You ain't the descendants of those guys in the feathers and paint: you're the descendants of all those timid middle-class citizens who didn't give a shit who got ripped off as long as it "wasn't your affair," and then screamed bloody murder when it was your turn. And you dickhead Republican congress-critters who are used frightened old white people and braindead rednecks to do your bidding? Your time is coming too.

I got your Tea Party right here, morons. And so does Tim Toles:

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