Monday, October 12, 2009

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

On the tube right now, and I'm tripping enough on Pseudophed that it's about the level of cognition I can handle.

It's actually a pretty sweet little movie. I can take or leave Michael Cera: I think, to really enjoy the mono-character he plays in pretty much everything, you have to have either been, or had a crush upon, a pseudo-nerd like that character in high school. But there's some good comic writing in the screenplay, and some good comic small turns (Ari Gayner's drunken party girl is particularly good--no surprise, as she's from Baahstin and the role probably isn't too far from folks she knows), and I've thought Kat Dennings was a smart little, atypical actress ever since she play the great Catherine Keener's daughter in 40-Year-Old Virgin.

And I really like the idea of a movie in which a bunch of people, including the male and female ingenue, spend a movie running around New York trying to find a legendary underground band's unannounced show, and that those two ingenues bond because they recognize that a shared sense of which music you like can damned sure save not only a relationship, but even your life.

Sure saved mine.


SJC said...

I loved that movie, it was darling. The Michael Cera awkward humor is definitely something I enjoy. If you haven't seen it, Kat Dennings is also great in Charlie Bartlett, which requires about the same amount of cognition as Nick and Norah. I'm trippin' on the meds too, glorious strep throat. At least they gave me a wicked concoction: Steroid shot, antibiotic shot, penicillin prescription. A popsicle and a few extra hours of sleep and I'm hoping I'll be okay.

Dharmonia said...

If you were a music nerd in high school, most of the boys that you sat next to / went out with / hung around with were basically the recurring Michael Cera character. Well, except for the Way Too Smart and Slightly Arrogant But Still Cute ones who had read all the same books as you...and then of course there were the Prince of Darkness Bad Boys--Oh no, wait - that was college. And then there were the Cute but Slightly Arrogant Way Too Smart Princes of Darkness Bad Boys...Oh no, wait- that was...what time is it?