Monday, October 26, 2009

Mountains are mountains, mountains are not mountains, mountains are mountains.

I never climbed Cotopaxi, and I never will.

But he has, and because of his guts, strength, and friendship, I've seen the summit through his eyes.

And we're standing there right now Coop, you and me, and we're dancing.

And we will again, goddammit.

If you care about this blog and what this blog cares about, then send up some positive energy for my brother in music Steve.



T Dawn said...

I have felt the connection he has with my friends, myself, and my dog. Much time spent in the canyon this weekend sending up positive energy and prayers for him, and will continue to send all I can....

Anonymous said...

I don't know him, but I know you & Angie, & that's enough for me to know. Get well soon, Coop.

CJS said...

Thanks, y'all. He's too tough, and we need him too bad, to let him go.

Coop said...

Dear Chris,
Thank you for your love. It has made me a better person for it.