Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 34 (Round IV) "In the trenches": "6/8" edition

You want a rewarding challenge--a task that is both, simultaneously, rewarding and challenging? Sitting in a hopelessly ill-chosen conference room, as echoey as a bathysphere and with about as much acoustical quality, straining your ears and left-brain/right-brain cortex integration to catch every nuance as Dama, Justin Vali, the great Regis Givazo, and their bandmates conduct a master-class in Malagasay rhythms, lightly interpreted by the young German ethnomusicologist who they've obviously adopted as their musical baby sister but otherwise in their heavily-accented French which you can barely understand, but which you follow without even breathing, because the sophistication and precision with which they speak about their own music makes the patronizing German sociolinguist who told the young ethno person that what she "really should do is 'explain' 'it' to 'us'" seem just as pompous and condescending as it actually is.

The reward? Hearing that conversation, and getting to shake the hand of Regis Givazo, maybe the most brilliant button accordion player, in any idiom, I've ever heard.

Good day.

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