Thursday, September 03, 2009

"Ya damned kids! Get off my lawn!"

Cal Thomas enters Grandpa Simpson territory:

Here is the way I believe it works at liberal universities. Some professors require their students to repeat back to them on test papers and in theses what the professors believe. Unless students hate Republicans, revile George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, renounce God, support abortion and gay rights, they can sometimes expect a lower, even a failing grade.
Okay, Cal. Ohhhhh-kaaaayyyyyyy. It's time for your nap now.

h/t BarbinMD

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Dharmonia said...

Right, Cal, that's what we talk about in our classes - reviling Bush and Reagan, supporting abortion and gay rights, and hating conservatives. Because God forbid we should spend time covering material in class that's actually relevant to the subjects that we're teaching, right? Oh, right, we COULD use parallel fifths in our counterpoint exercises if it weren't for those dang Republicans!!

If Cal were correct, then the little jerk who once came into my class while having a loud conversation with a friend and barked out "Anybody who didn't vote for Bush is an asshole" would have failed. And he did not; he actually got a decent grade. Because guess what: he was getting graded on his work in music history, not on his opinions. What a concept.