Monday, September 07, 2009

"Building a new society within the shell of the old"

I started working for a living when I was 13 years old, after my mother had hysterics when I asked if it would be possible to buy me a couple of items of so I could take part in a sports club. It was made unpleasantly apparent to me, at 13, that if I wanted to do anything that cost any money--and, be it said, nobody in my family had, really any expensive tastes, habits, or goals--I was going to have to earn it myself.

I've worked ever since:

  • janitor
  • supermarket bag-boy
  • sports-complex ID checker
  • short-order cook
  • drilling rig blowout-preventer mechanic
  • circulation-desk librarian
  • framing carpenter
  • nightclub "doorman" (security)
  • bookstore peon and night-manager
  • guitar-studio night-manager
  • freelance musician
  • data-entry technician
  • teaching assistant
  • academic tutor
  • visiting part-time lecturer
  • assistant professor
  • associate professor
  • chair of musicology
I will never forget that I'm a worker, not an owner--even if, by now, I have the luxury that it can be by choice.

And I'm still a member of this organization, and subscribe to its tenets.

"We are building a new society within the shell of the old."

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masbrow said...

I'm with you, and our brothers and sisters who know "which side they're on"!