Thursday, September 17, 2009

We also need to start prosecuting hate-speech, Rush

Limbaugh calls for return to segregated buses.

You know, Rush, if we were even willing (much less able) to return to the lily-white 1950s that you seem to think your audience wants to buy into, then we might start prosecuting felons for child rape. And drug abuse. And treasonous speech.

Instead of making them millionaires and de-facto leaders of a major political party.

Just sayin'.

Rush, if you ever disrespect our President like that again, I'm gonna pull your fuckin' card, okay? ...When it turns out you're lying, we're gonna spend every nickel of MoveOn's money to fuck you up. I'm gonna bribe newshounds to go after you, I'm gonna pay guys to go after your weak fuckin' network, and I'm gonna tell all the guys I know that you're a child-molester and a rat, and I know a lot of people. And after that, you're gonna wish you listened to me, 'cause your shitty pool hall crime syndicate radio network is gonna get sued, and your doped-up reporters are gonna get sent back to doing weather in Arkansas, and this fuckin' retard right here is gonna be testifying against you for a reduced sentence, while you're gettin' cornholed in your cell by a gang of crackers. 'Cause from what I've heard, the guys that get sent up Concord for raping kids, life's a motherfucker.


Dharmonia said...

To quote our Chief Executive:

"He's a jackass."

Christopher said...

He's more than a jackass. He's a felon, a child-raper, and accessory to hate crimes.