Monday, August 24, 2009

In the department of "Holy Sh*t"

This is the greatest--the only--"Celtic fusion" band. The greatest of them all.

Moving Hearts TV on MUZU.
Moving Hearts.

This is how, and why, and the only time when, "fusion" music works: when you have people who are stone virtuosos in both idioms. Then, and only then.

Just ask Joe Zawinul.


Jackie said...

Moving Hearts = Brilliant!!!

SJC said...

Wow. Awesome!

tadcaster said...

Donal Lunny rules.

Be truthful: Is there anything he's been involved with that you haven't absolutely loved?

CJS said...

Well, I didn't really dig "Coolfin", and I'm not crazy about the "Transatlantic Sessions" or whatever they were called, and "River of Sound" kinda bored me.

But, on the other hand, the stuff that he's done was so many light years better than just "good" that it doesn't really matter to me about the stuff I didn't like. The stuff I "liked" changed my life.

I figure that's good enough.

Thanks for the comments!