Friday, August 14, 2009

The Doc and the General

The Doc and the General are on the road.

Two good friends, and brothers-in-music, the Good Doctor Masbrow and the General, are on the road this weekend. We've known them for a long time and we've all been through lots of changes together--good times and bad times, gain and loss, life and death. But our lives are infinitely greater for knowing them.

And now they're both en route to a new stage in life: the Doc--a Zen priest, signpainter, carpenter, blacksmith, cook, and the world's greatest (if only) Celtic pardessus player--to a double major in music and Buddhist studies at his old alma mater. I had the privilege of writing him a recommendation.

And the General--a plumber, historian, screenwriter, novelist, founder of Zoukfest, and the world's greatest Irish bouzouki player--to a Master's in ethnomusicology. Here. In MY program.

I'm gonna get to supervise his thesis.

I am blessed beyond all measure to have such friends, and, even more, to be able to help make such new adventures possible for them.

Thanks, fellas. May we all get where we're intended to go.

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masbrow said...

Thanks Dr Coyote. I love you, man!