Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some anniversaries should be silent

I do not, did not, and will not write about Sept 11 2001 on the anniversary of that day--because in the face of some horror, silence is a more eloquent response than words. But here's the text of a note that's been hanging on my office door since Sept 12 2001, originally posted in the wake of a now-departed colleague's ignoramus statement that we should "bomb 'them' [unspecified] back into the Stone Age." I thought that was the wrong message to send to the then-18 year olds crying at their desks and asking "why do they hate us?".

What we do in teaching, learning, playing and sharing music can help us create a world in which it is no longer necessary that airplanes fly into buildings. In the midst of heartbreak, we do have that to give one another.

I still believe that.

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