Monday, September 15, 2008

Fuzzy people 41

More evidence that animals are superior to humans:

Dog Dials 911 When Owner Has Seizure

"Man's best friend" doesn't go far enough for Buddy _ a German shepherd who remembered his training and saved his owner's life by calling 911 when the man had a seizure...On a recording of the 911 call Wednesday, Buddy is heard whimpering and barking after the dispatcher answers and repeatedly asks if the caller needs help...Police were sent to Stalnaker's home, and after about three minutes Buddy is heard barking loudly when the officers arrived. Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said Stalnaker spent two days in a hospital and recovered from the seizure...Clark said Stalnaker adopted Buddy at the age of 8 weeks from Michigan-based Paws with a Cause, which trains assistance dogs, and trained him to get the phone if he began to have seizure symptoms. Buddy, now 18 months old, is able press programmed buttons until a 911 operator is on the line, Clark said.
We should cherish our fellow beings. Not torture and murder them for "fun".*

Thanks to the Rev for the "fuzzy people" appellation.

*Links to an article about Sarah Palin's support for the "sport" of aerial wolf hunting. WARNING: do not watch the accompanying video--it is pure blood-sport horror. This is the "hockey mom" who far-right religious fanatics want to be a cancerous heartbeat away from the presidency.

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