Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 15 (Round II) "In the trenches" (eleventh-hour edition)

I'm a post-modern, post-60s, post-psychotherapy, contemporary educator. I know about different learning styles and contrasted adolescence experiences and hyper-saturated informational input and the alphabet soup of learning disabilities and the cornucopia of pharmaceuticals that are alleged to be advisable for mitigating those disabilities (though I think if you took a bunch of digital input, and mercantile overload, and hormones/steroids/chemicals out of their nutritional intake, some percentage of those disabilities would be just as effectively mitigated) and contrasting learning modes and the iPod bubble and the extent to which most (generic) undergraduate college students resent the necessity of doing any, y'know, work in college because it gets in the way of the social experience which they have been hypnotized to believe is their right, their due, and the point of a 4-year $100,000 paid sleepaway camp--and I'm cool with it.

But when a bunch of the new freshmen email me freaking out after 12:30am on the day an assignment is due, frantically informing me "WebCT is down! WebCT is down! I can't upload my assignment!!?!?!"...

There's a part of me that thinks "you know, if it even crossed your radar that you might consider completing your assignment as soon as possible after it is assigned--if you "cleared your inbox" quickly, as the Getting Things Done folks propound--then this whole thing would be a non-issue. And the caliber of your work--and your life--would probably be a lot higher. And less stressful."

And then I think of Dana Carvey and realize that My Time Has Come:

(Dana Carvey on SNL as the "Grumpy Old Man")

Below the jump: autumn (70-degree) sunset on the South Plains.

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