Saturday, February 09, 2008

"The Office" (workstation series) 091 (peripatetic edition)

Trying to get all the final ducks in a row before 'most everybody goes about of town in the second half of next week. That means, over the next two days, the following needs to happen:

write and record a radio program: I'm two weeks ahead of broadcast date and am bound and determined to stay that way--it's nice to have a cushion of programs in the can;

meet with two graduate students who are going to chair two panels at this conference in ABQ, while I'm in San Antonio; make sure they've got both logistics and strategy for running their panels and dealing with certain endemic organization and/or behavioral inevitabilities;

do at least a few hours work on the minstrelsy project (see below);

teach the Irish music slow session--I started it seven years ago, and pretty-much grew a community of players, who basically made the great session last night possible;

stay the fuck home
and practice (evening)--Netflix just brought a documentary on Zappa's Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation, so I'll probably watch that and play right-hand exercises

haul my Cuban tres out of mothballs, restring, remember how to play it, learn a tune, rehearse tune Sunday afternoon with a doctoral student's Afro-Cuban folkloric ensemble;

jump-start sectional rehearsal with a couple of my percussionists, who are great players, but have to learn a new style (English Country Dance) for the April concert;

rehearse Celtic Ensemble Sunday evening: at the very least, check in on all the individual songs and their first arranging choices; this will also be the first time the brass section will be attending, so it's likely to be challenging, long, and (hopefully) exciting;

for Monday: prep for #3 and #4 phone interviews for our divisional search;

deliver undergrad exam Monday, maintain test security, get 'em graded, get grades posted.

Feels like a lot.

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