Thursday, February 07, 2008

Indictments, baby

It shouldn't end in January 09:

The next President will have the authority to declassify and disclose any and all records that reflect the activities of executive branch agencies. Although internal White House records that document the activities of the outgoing President and his personal advisers will be exempt from disclosure for a dozen years or so, every Bush Administration decision that was actually translated into policy will have left a documentary trail in one or more of the agencies, and all such records could be disclosed at the discretion of the next President.

A new President may find it advantageous to quickly distinguish himself (or herself) from the current Administration and its policies.
I bet there's a lot of money being salted away in legal-defense funds right about now..

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Quantzalcoatl said...

Some days it doesn't pay to be literate. My wife works the reference desk in the Government Publications section of the university library. Informative. Enlightening. Frightening.

"Hey, look what came across the desk today!"


If only the incoming Powers-That-Be would grow a collective backbone.