Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day 20 "In the trenches" ('Nother-hump-day edition)

Another Wednesday, another out-straight day. Too wiped to blog much.

Undergrad class met today (fantastic YouTube-sourced video of the Joffrey's reconstruction of Nijinsky's 1913 choreography for Le sacre), goes out on their tour a week from today, so the first Exam comes up Monday before they depart. It's the first big watershed for them, when the ones who haven't been preparing realize (some of them) that the hammer's about to come down, or others (some others) still don't quite realize how much they're going to be up against it. But we have to hip them to the fact that this is second year of college, and that the standards of performance are only going to go up from this point. For the ones who have been keeping up, it shouldn't be bad at all--pretty much a ratification of their study methods and general level of effort. With all three groups, it's a really essential focal watershed, to help them, when they return nine days later, realize that they still have to pick up the thread of being students for the long run.

Below the jump: His Highness stakes a claim to the new vacuum cleaner.

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