Saturday, September 15, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation series) 41 ("On the street where we lived" edition)

Sitting in an overpriced espresso-and-wireless place on Mass Ave in Cambridge Massachusetts ($4.95 per hour for wireless access--note to self: it's not Net Neutrality if you're paying to get online), just down the street where Dharmonia and I first lived when the Guitar Studio folded around our ears and I was trying to scratch out a living as a freelance musician and teacher.

Don't like the idea of paying 5 bucks an hour for wireless, but I'm too lazy to walk up and down the street and try to find somebody's unguarded wireless upon which to try to bootleg. And, a double shot is well-done (in the People's Republic of Cambridge, you'd expect it) and the price is right: you could get two double-shots for the price of an hour of wireless. Decisions, decisions...

Nice visit with brother-in-music Larry, his wife and child. Unnerving yet heartwarming to see a contemporary's child growing up (turning into a good little Irish dancer too). Even more unnerving yet heartwarming to see nieces and nephews heading off to college this year. A huge relief that they're smart, talented, and healthily snarky kids. It's one thing to be passive, bored, alienated, pretentious, self-conscious, lazy, mass-mediated, clothes-conscious, drunk with hormones (I call it "Testrogen" [tm]: If I could find a way to tap and bottle the amount of testosterone and estrogen exuded on the marching-band practice lot every day during marching season, I could retire to a private island)--all those things are to be expected in someone who's eighteen years old and itching to get away from home and start turning into an adult human being (even if they don't know that's what they're craving). It's quite another to have all those things, plus brains and a vocabulary. One reason I'm so proud of my nephews, especially the two who are just going off to college for the first time, is that they're all those things that late adolescents are, but they also have brains, talent, and a work ethic.

They'll do fine, and I'm proud of them.
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