Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fuzzy people 13 (gray streak edition)

Mister Man perched on top of the highway car (Dharmonia and I consider ourselves to have attained the lap of luxury to have finally equipped ourselves with both a Highway car--comfortable to ride and drive, relatively good gas mileage--and a City car--capacious, rattly, but good for toting large numbers of students, instruments, black boxes, or scavenged stone from a neighbor's yard). The Highway car is an '05 Honda CRV--as Dharmonia says, "the one all the Bloomington hippies drive"--obtained for us by old music comrade David S, who has connects with a dealership in E Lansing, found us this one, and drove it non-stop from Michigan to W Texas, nearly swerving off the road in the 19th hour when his first tumbleweed rolled across the highway in front of him about 4am. In honor of that epic journey, the fact that the vehicle comes from the region of Macinac Lake, and David's veneration for Kerouac and the Beats, the car's called "Jacky" (to distinguish it from "Buddy", the rattly old van we bought, and named after Lubbock's favorite son, when we knew we were moving here).

Mister Man is actually pretty damned smart (though he does do dumb things like crossing the street, or trying to duke it out with cats 10 years his junior in the back alley): he can pick up on departure-vibes, even when he doesn't see the rolly-bags coming out. And when they do come out, he can't tell whether it means that we're both leaving, or only one of us. He's as undemonstrative as most cats--God forbid that, like a dog, he might reveal that he'd been pining for us--but he's prone to curling up on top of the bags, or in them, and growling when you try to get at them. And this latest thing of perching on top of the car, the night before the departure, is pretty endearing.

More photos below the jump. Thanks to Chipper for the "Fuzzy People" appellation.

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