Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tedy Bruschi and Bob Kraft: Brass and Class

Tedy Bruschi is playing a balls-out tough game against the Buffalo Bills tonight, less than six months after a stroke. As he put it, "I kept looking for some doctor who'd tell me I shouldn't do it, and none of them would." The ESPN staff talked to Patriots owner Robert Kraft during the half-time and confirmed that (a) it was Bruschi's decision to come back and start, and (b) that he (Kraft) had refused his lawyers' advice to demand a waiver of responsibility from Bruschi, in the event that Bruschi was hurt again. Kraft said "I like lawyers and trust lawyers, but that's not the kind of relationship we have with our players."

Bruschi and Kraft: brass balls and a class act.

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