Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Millions without power? For a month or more? Say goodnight, Jeb

If there was any question about the degree to which the storms resulting from global warming (and thus, realistically if indirectly, in part from the Bush family's support of oil dependency and their denial of the Kyoto Accords) are deep-sixing the family's political future, consider the impact of Wilma on Jeb Bush's chances. Katrina revealed the despicable cronyism that's been at the heart of the Bush/Cheney regime since before they were even elected (Enron, Halliburton, FEMA), and Wilma is revealing the absurd neglect of basic infrastructure under the Bush governorship. A million without power, for as much as another month? Say goodnight, Jeb. You and George will have lots of time to work on your golf swings. You're damned sure not going near the White House during the 2008-12 Democratic presidency.

[10.27.05 Jeb says "Blame me, not FEMA." OK, you punk--we will.

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