Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Bush baseball curse

Has anyone noticed George HW Bush and Barbara Bush sitting behind home plate at the Sox-Astros games in Houston? No surprise that they'd be following the team--after all, their son was briefly a Texas baseball team owner before he blew that enterprise, too, into the ground. But the Astros are getting spanked like little girls by the vastly more talented White Sox.

I notice that the color commentators are pointedly not mentioning the Bush presence. Presumably they'd claim that it's an attempt to lower security risks--but in that case, why the hell are George and Barbara (and she's the real villain in that family--as distorting a person to her progeny as Joe Kennedy was to his) sitting squarely in-frame of the home-plate camera?

Maybe the color commentators are refraining mentioning the Bush's because of GW's current political embarassment? Or maybe they think that, with the Shrub's approval ratings lower than ever, the Bush curse (irresponsiblity, absentee management, careless disregard of others, egocentricity, a sense of silver-spoon entitlement) is coming home to roost in Houston as it did in New Orleans, S Florida, Iraq and now in Patrick Fitzgerald's special prosecutorial investigation? Maybe the Astros management wish they wouldn't sit behind home plate?

Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore."

[10.27.05 12:04pm: corrected to accurately reflect GWB's ownership of Texas Rangers, not Astros, as reported by an anonymous poster. Thanks, Mr Anonymous.]

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