Thursday, August 15, 2013

Informed consent clause for syllabi

Further to a discussion comment over on you want this, or something like it, at the end of your official syllabus.

Informed Consent

I have read and understood the contents of the syllabus for this course and agree to abide by the rules, guidelines, and schedule contained within it. In particular, I understand that:

  • Dr X also agrees to abide by the rules, guidelines, and schedule in the syllabus.
  • I will consult the syllabus if I have a question about the course rules, guidelines, and schedule.
  • Dr. X cannot make special exceptions for me without being unfair to everyone else taking this course.
I understand that my continued enrollment in the course will be taken as indicating my consent to these conditions.

If you are the instructor of record for a room full of 21st century college students, trust me: you want this in your syllabus. Scarred experience talking here.

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