Monday, August 12, 2013

Day T-minus-13 "In the Trenches" (Round V)

The origin of this series can be found here. At the time I undertook round I of the series (2006 maybe?), it was a way for me to track and share insights generated from a near-tenure associate professor experience. Mostly about the day-to-day of teaching, plus some service, and very much focused on trying to understand and articulate what goes on with undergraduate Fine Arts students, the better to teach to them.
At this point--another promotion-year--it seems it might be useful revisit the day-to-day from the post-tenure perspective, and try to articulate and share the insights of how that stage is different. Primary goal, kind of like the "Good Peasant Food" series--is to capture useful information and stick it in a format that is accessible and helpful to others.
Summer graduation this past weekend. For about the next 8 days, my near-campus neighborhood will be quiet and pleasant; ambient noise from the 8-lane "residential" streets a few blocks away will die down; parking on campus will be easy (though I'll still take the bike--it was only when I got back on the bicycle that I realized just how much I actually hate being in a car); library will be quiet and shelving-order will be in good shape; lot of support staff will be on their much-needed vacations; and everybody will essentially take a few deep breaths before it all starts again.
Tomorrow: the pre-semester "badass warning letter", and CJS as motivational speaker--which is kinda like Chris Farley as "The World's Worst Motivational Speaker", or a dancing bear wearing a funny little fez.

In the headphones: Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's "Allah Hooh."
Asalaaam aleikum.

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