Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pat and the Orchestrion

He's a very, very weird dude--even for a jazz guy--and to call the music he makes with the "Orchestrion" (essentially a giant one-man-band) "jazz" is a misnomer: you gotta have other live musicians for it to be jazz, in my opinion.

But if the final arbiter of good music is not the ideas about it, but simply whether it sounds good (Ellington said that, "if it sounds good, it is good"), then this is good music.

I also kinda dig the fact that he references the previous American-lunatic player-piano people--most notably Conlon Nancarrow. Somehow it's suitable that a jazz guitarist from Missouri would be falling into this bag.

And it's nice to hear the shout-out for the "World's Greatest Guitar Guy", Mark Herbert. He worked on my guitars, too...and he really is the world's greatest.

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