Friday, January 01, 2010

Outside the rotation: Day 1 of the new decade

No resolutions on the New Year--because, for me, every day is the obligation to remake my life.

But, surrounded by resolutions from others, admirable and ambitious alike, I'd be less than human if it didn't cause me to reflect.


Every day, make something for someone (a meal, a blog post, a lesson plan, a tune, an arrangement, a friendship);

Every day, teach something to someone (on an instrument, in a rehearsal, in a classroom; about writing, about thinking, about life);

Every day, focus upon the persons in front of me;

Every day, create positive energy;

Every day, fall short. And then stand up and try again;

Every day, do something to take care of my health: old age, encroaching;

Every day, spend a few minutes facing up to death, approaching.

May all beings be saved.

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