Saturday, June 07, 2008

A class act

I hated the scumbags around her, I've pretty much lost any respect I had for her husband (who obviously has succumbed to the heroin-strength addiction to power which turns otherwise-decent people into politicians), and there were times when her campaign's scummy invocation of race, class, and gender was pretty sleazy, but that speech was a class act.

McCain's machine has been praying for a divisive "Hillary-crats-for-McCain" backlash, but it ain't gonna happen. Hillary is going to continue as a power in Democratic politics (I'm voting for Senate majority leader--she'd whip those craven punks on the Republican side of the aisle into submission in no time flat), and maybe will finally be able to shed the albatross that is Bill. And in the meantime, I am flat fucking waiting for the Obama-McCain debates.

Best line:

Thank you all. Well, this isn’t exactly the party I planned but I sure like the company.
Me too, Madame Senator. Me too.

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