Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 58 "In the trenches" (positive-tally edition)

Some days feel more overall-positive than others. Gonna give myself a break from a lengthy post, because of the weekend's demands:


  • fund-raise for local public-radio station (live-talk, play CDs, pitch like a cracked-out Yankee madman on-air);
  • haircut
  • brainstorm with colleague from Sociology on a project for Transnationalism lecture series
  • teach Slow Session (for learning Irish-music players)
  • play a gig for art-department colleagues
  • write and record radio show
  • finish encyclopedia articles
  • lead Celtic Ensemble at fund-raising event for School of Music
But, today was a good day. Here's the tally:
  • Master's conducting student oral exit exam: passed
  • Undergrad history review Exam #2: administered, almost all passed
  • Car fixed
  • undergrad Honors advisee's research presentation: successful
  • various bureaucratic problems: solved
  • Doctoral student's dissertation Topic Proposal defense: passed
  • pub session: quiet and thoughtful; people actually listening
It's a nice day when you feel like the overall ratio of helping people versus messing-up is in the high positives.

More tomorrow. Will be live photo-blogging at least a part of the fundraising.

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