Monday, June 11, 2007

Eve of Zoukfest

Most of these posts will also be duplicated over at the Zoukfest blog.

Quick late-night post before turning in in anticipation of 9am classes, when Yours Truly is s'posed to be coherent. College of Santa Fe is a great venue, with a great cafeteria (top-notch food always makes a music camp much more pleasant), helpful staff, fantastic advocacy from CSF faculty Polly Tapia Ferber, Paul Brown, and an my old friend and colleague Steve Paxton (head of the Contemporary Music program).

Good turnout of those both local and traveling-from-afar, good indications for enhanced enrollment, followed by a series of cameo class-introductions and capsule performances from John Carty, Doug Goodhart, Chipper Thompson, a fresh-off-the-plane Sonja Drakulich, Luke Plumb, Robby Rothschild, Angela Mariani, Connie Dover, Stanley and Kip Greenthal, followed in turn by a fantastic set from the unbelievably talented sibling duo Round Mountain. Not only did the two play about 12 instruments between them, but at any given time, there were three instruments being played by two people. Wonderfully inspiring eve-of-the-camp performance, with the College's performance space open to the crickets and the night.

Some dove immediately into sessioning, but others, perhaps anticipating that early wake-up, opted for a restrained night.

First class opens tomorrow at 9am.

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