Monday, August 28, 2006

Sean Hannity is a gutless punk...

Of course, you knew that already, but perhaps you hadn't run across this priceless morsel: Seaneen taking aim at higher education:

Kids are indoctrinated. They’re a captive audience. What can be done to remove these professors with these radical ideas from campus?
You're right, Sean. They're indoctrinated--before they ever get to college--with mom 'n' dad's and the mass media's and Paris Hilton's and Nick Lachey's and their religious-leader-of-choice's and their peer group's and their sports team's and their MySpace Friends' and the "Kool Kidz's" and their sports coaches' and their band director's idea of what's important.

And they are a captive audience: mom 'n' dad are shelling out a helluva lot of money (which they can probably afford much less than you, pipsqueak) for us to jam as much ability-to-function-in-the-world into their little darlings, many of whom have been kept remarkably childish and naive about that world. And mom 'n' dad damned sure want their money's worth, as they are never tired of telling us.

Our job as college educators--and this is what you really hate us for--is in fact to remove the indoctrination: to remove the "teaching to the test" and the "infinite do-overs" and the "I blew off all the exams--what extra credit work can I do to make an A" and the "but you have to pass me or I won't get Med School" (and do you want a kid with this poor a sense of discipline operating on you?!?) and the "my fifth grandmother died" and the "my alarm didn't go off" and the "my parents booked the plane tickets for me to come home on Thanksgiving and my flight leaves 8 days beforehand" and the "but I didn't kknow that plagiarism was wrong" and the "all fags are evil" and the "all Muslims are terrorists" and the "I've never met anybody homosexual--they'd gross me out" et cetera ad nauseum.

Our job is to remove all that. Our job is to say, as the great Zen teacher Suzuku Roshi said:

"Think for yourself."

And you guys hate that--because if we reach a whole nation of young adults who truly do think for themselves, you fuckers are going to jail, the poorhouse, and the unemployment office. Have a nice time!

We will win.

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