Monday, June 12, 2006

NRO punks Neo-Cons, Bush WH

When even the rabid paleocons at the National Review Online are dissing you, you are in deep, deep shit. John Derbyshire says:

The lazy-minded evangelico-romanticism of George W. Bush, the bureaucratic will to power of Donald Rumsfeld, the avuncular condescension of Dick Cheney, and the reflexive military deference of Colin Powell combined to get us into a situation we never wanted to be in, a situation no self-respecting nation ought to be in, a situation we don’t know how to get out of.
Sorry, John. You and your fellow Neanderthals (Dartmouth punks and corporate shills) bought this presidency and you're gonna live with its war crimes and malfeasance.

But is sure is a pleasure to watch the circular firing squad.

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