Sunday, June 11, 2006

Candidate Newt? God, I hope so!
Gingrich is a contemptuous, arrogant little worm, who served his wife with divorce papers while she was in the cancer ward and was chased out of Congress by his own party-members less than four years after the "Republican Revolution." Now he thinks that, due to the "vacuum" in the current leadership, he might have to step in as candidate. Digby is on him, though, and quotes William S Lind, who obliterates the Newt's Star-Wars-esque militaristic hubris:

While Rumsfeldian "Transformation" represents change, it represents change in the wrong direction. Instead of attempting to move from the Second Generation to the Third (much less the Fourth), Transformation retains the Second Generation's conception of war as putting firepower on targets while trying to replace people with technology. Its summa is the Death Star, where men and women in spiffy uniforms sit in air-conditioned comfort zapping enemies like bugs. It is a vision of future war that appeals to technocrats and lines industry pockets, but has no connection to reality. The combination of this vision of war with an equally unrealistic vision of strategic objectives has given us the defeat in Iraq. Again, Rumsfeld lies at the heart of both.
I hope the evil little bastard does run. The netroots could annihilate Gingrich w/out even needing any assistance from the DCCC.

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