Thursday, May 04, 2006

Richard Cohen kowtows, stabs Colbert

Dear Richard:

Your claim is that Stephen Colbert's spot-on and merciless satire of Our Leader was "so not funny." For a social commentator, you're a historical ignoramus--not to mention a grammatical imbecile.

Ever heard of Lenny Bruce?

Lord Buckley?

Richard Pryor?

Chris Rock?

Every one of the above was castigated for their "rudeness" at the time by contemporaries who were terrified that said "rudeness" would rock the contemporaries' comfy relationship with the power structure. Every one, in hindsight, is seen as a masterful social critic, doing what comics have done ever since Aristophanes: using the cloak of humor to skewer the rich, powerful, and corrupt.

Of which same, you must, by virtue of syncophancy, now consider yourself one.

Most sincerely,

Dr Coyotebanjo

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