Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Nazi enforcer rehabs the Crusades

So now Benedict wants a "do-over" on the impact of the Crusades, seeking to market them as "wars fought with the “noble aim” of regaining the Holy Land for Christianity." John Paul may not have been an actual saint but at least he "asked pardon" for the human suffering that Westerners imposed on the Middle East during the Crusades. Not our Benedict the Nazi collaborator, though.

Herr Benedict, here's just a short-list to refresh your memory:

The above is only a fragment. Benedict is a liar--about history, as well as his own Nazi past--and, like many other fascists, is attempting to "erase" history in order to consolidate power.

I look forward to his demise.


CJS said...

The Wife Comments -

Re/the Further Adventures of Clemency Non Papa - Go, buddy. This guy is a dangerous nut.

Roger Landes said...

Great points, but Richard I's massacre in 1191 was at Acre, not Jerusalem. Jerusalem was still in Salah ad-Din's hands at that point, having fallen to him in 1187. It was not regained until the 20th Century, as we all know.