Sunday, December 11, 2005

Newsweek's "Bush in the Bubble": "What Bush actually hears and takes in, however, is not clear. "

It's amazing that even as stolid a source as Newsweek can run a story describing the extent to which Bush is a case of "lights on and nobody's home" and the balance of the MSM still can't articulate the fact that he's disengaged, incompetent, wilfully ignorant, a bully, a mama's boy, and out of his depth. Of course we're in an unwinnable, unnecessary war. Of course no one saying anything remotely critical of 43 was willing to be identified. Of course he does what the "older, smarter kids" tell him to do; that's what he's always done. But the job he's doing now matters a little more than cramming/cheating his way through a Gentleman's C at Yale.

Putz. He's an embarassment. I suspect that historians will look back and ask themselves how 51% of Americans could possibly have believed the man was competent.stupid Bush

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F15C said...

I read through some of your posts. Are you *really* a college professor?

It really bugs you that the MSM can't seem to 'articulate' your world-view about Bush. Well it's not for lack of trying. They must be incompetent.

Then there is the 51% of us (you know, the knuckledragging morons that comprise 51% of the American electorate) who voted for Bush.

That leaves the other 49% (Shocked? I had a 'progressive' friend do the math) of you who are obviously of quite the superior (or would that be supreme) intellect and vision. You, who see it all and know it all. Of course! Of course.

But wait a minute. The MSM, or the vast majority anyway, are part of that prescient 49%. So, how could they be incompetent?

Does not compute.

Let's see. The Bush condition is sooo obvious even a bush-league (pardon the pun) non-incompetent 49%'er should be able to clearly articulate its true state such that even us knuckledraggers get it. They should. But they don't. Hmmm. I can see why you are so obviously frustrated.

It's all Karl Rove's doing. That's it.

Are you sure you are a professor?