Monday, January 31, 2011

For a population claiming "frontier toughness," they're pants-wetting little girls about terrorists and weather.


teboal said...

I was just checking you blog because I thought you might be foaming at the mouth over the insane goings-on in my home base of Madison, WI (where several relatives are hanging tough at the capital). Never did I expect my home state to elect an emperor worse than Rick Perry.

Anyway, this post? Is the greatest summation of Texan mentality I've ever seen. LMAO. We blundered into the store for regular grocery shopping and were stuck in line for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. "Snow! Oh noes!" Frontier toughness, my ass.


Tracy Boal

Dr Christopher J Smith said...

Thanks. Yeah: the gulf between the posturing and the reality of TX vaunted "toughness" is absolutely ridiculous.