Monday, June 07, 2010

ZF Day 01: Morning

Feels like it oughta be the opening, courier/bullets screen overlay of a Bourne Trilogy flick. But we're here, on the top floor of the UNM Albuquerque Student Union: hard to get to--hafta park and then walk, schlepping stuff, across acres of asphalt parking lot, past the hundreds of school-kids starting first day of pre-college summer experiences--but a very pleasant environment: top floor, nice big open atrium with skylights and lots of natural light, which makes the luthiers displaying (Herb Taylor and GD Armstrong, both old friends of Zoukfest) very happy, comfortable chairs & lots of space for hanging out between classes, even a top-floor terrace. Lisa Wright & Lauren Flanagan powering-up the registration desk which'll be ZF's nerve-center, staff stumbling in seeking coffee, luthiers schlepping dozens of cases and assembling their displays (trust a luthier to have an ingeniously-designed and beautifully-finished display rack).

Class session I (0900-1015) looms. We're glad to be here!

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