Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Day 19 (round III) "In the trenches" (placeholder edition)

Really no time for a cogent post today, though there's no lack of blogging topics swimming around up there. Will try to do better tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's the raw repertoire list (e.g., the master list from which chamber groups, individuals, and I will select pieces to be worked-up for the final concert) for the Celtic Ensemble's springtime "big" program, on an Anglo-Appalachian theme:

  • Peter Bellamy: Amazing Grace*
  • De Dannan, I.N. Nick Malor, Jean Ritchie, Sarah Makem: Barbara Allen
  • Martin Simpson: Batchelors Hall
  • American Fife Ensemble: The Brickmaker March
  • The Watersons, Jean Ritchie: Cherry Tree Carol
  • Billings William: Chester - winds*
  • Pentangle: Cruel Sister
  • Roger Landes, Martin Carthy: The Devil And The Farmer's Wife
  • The Watersons: Diadem - winds
  • Peter Bellamy: Edmund In The Lowlands
  • Ewan MacColl: The Elfin Knight
  • Jean Ritchie: Fair Annie of Lochroyan - "The Lass of Loch Royal" - Child #76
  • June Tabor: Fair Margaret & Sweet William
  • The Watersons: The Falling Tear - add winds - canon
  • Jean Ritchie: False Sir John (Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight, Annan Water, Young Andrew, Outlandish Knight) - Child #4
  • Fiddler's Dram, Seamus Ennis: The Farmer's Cursed Wife
  • American Fife Ensemble: General Scott's March
  • The Watersons: Gloryland
  • Jerry O'Sullivan: The Gobbyo/A Trip to Killarney
  • Spider John Koerner: The Golden Vanity
  • Jean Ritchie, Jeannie Robertson: Gypsy Laddie (Gypsy Davy, Gypsy Rover, Black Jack Davy, Seven Yellow Gypsies) - Child #200
  • Boston Camerata - Joel Coen: Hallelujah (The Social Harp) - winds & strings
  • Clarence "Tom" Ashley, Sweeney's Men, Jean Ritchie, Peter Bellamy: House Carpenter - "The Daemon Lover" - Child #243
  • Watersons: Idumea
  • John Owen Lardinois: Jefferson And Liberty (The Gobby-O)
  • Roy Harris: The Jovial Hunter
  • American Fife Ensemble: Lady Hopes Reel
  • Maddy Prior & June Tabor: Lass Of Loch Royal
  • Jean Ritchie: Little Devils (The Farmer's Curst Wife, Devil & the Farmer's Wife, Women are Worse than the Men) - Child #278
  • Jean Ritchie: Little Musgrave (Matty Groves) - "Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard" - Child #81
  • Mary Ann Haynes: Long A-Growing
  • John Reilly: Lord Baker Child 53
  • Jean Ritchie: Lord Bateman (Young Beichan, Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender) - Child #53
  • Jean Ritchie: Lord Randall (Billy Boy) Child #12
  • John McGettigan, Lizzie Higgins: Lovely Molly
  • American Fife Ensemble: Lovely Nancy
  • Paddy Tunney, The Watersons: The Lowlands Of Holland
  • American Fife Ensemble: March Of The 35th Regiment
  • Jean Ritchie: The Merry Golden Tree (The Golden Vanity, Lowlands Low) - Child #286
  • Watersons, Alabama Sacred Harp Convention: Morning Trumpet
  • Patrick Street: Music For A Found Harmonium
  • Alabama Sacred Harp Convention: North Port
  • Jean Ritchie: Old Bangum (Sir Lionel, Wild Boar, Jovial Hunter, Sir Eglamore) - Child #18
  • The House Band, Martin Carthy, Nic Jones, Dolores Keane: Seven Yellow Gypsies
  • Watersons: Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy
  • Phoebe Smith, Jean Ritchie: Sweet William and Lady Margaret (Fair Margaret and Sweet William, - Child #74
  • Jean Ritchie: There Lived an Old Lord (The Twa Sisters, Binnorie,Cruel Sister, Wind & Rain) - Child #10
  • Peter Bellamy, R & B Dransfield: The Trees They Do Grow High
  • Buell Kazee: The Wagoner's Lad
  • American Fife Ensemble: Washington's March
  • Alabama Sacred Harp Convention: Wondrous Love
  • Geordie Hanna: Young Edmund In The Lowlands Low (Geordie Hanna)
  • Phoebe Smith: Young Ellender
  • Eliza Carthy: 10,000 Miles
They don't exactly pay me to teach this stuff--the Ensemble is an overload--but they credit me with it (further to yesterday's post), and count it toward "Research & Creative Activity."

Which it is.

I am incredibly fortunate, in my supervisors and in my students, that I get to do this. And I won't ever forget it.

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sunshine said...

thank you, from some of us that think ensembles like this and the teachers responsible for it are equally memorable. wonderful, even.