Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day 01, "Ireland" seminar trip


Just a quick preliminary note: we leave in about 4 hours from DFW/Dallas to Chicago O'Hare, whence we'll depart this evening for Shannon airport in County Limerick. The O'Hare/Shannon flight (American 256Q, partnering with Aer Lingus; track it at will leave around 6:40pm, and arrive around 7:45am Ireland time. We "gain" five hours, which makes for a very short night on board! Most of the students will be excited and wakeful, which in turn makes for a sleepy Monday in Ireland. But we'll try to stay awake--the best way to adjust to jet lag is not to nap, but to stay awake past one's usual bedtime.

You can follow a map keyed to these trip notes by following this link at Google Maps, where I will day-by-day create an itinerary. This will include annotations, comments, links to other fun facts about locations, and so on. We invite you to follow-along as a "virtual traveler" as we explore Ireland's west.

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