Thursday, December 07, 2006

note to self re/ my FRICKIN' colleagues...*

[To self] know that fortissimo audibly-narcissistic excessively-frequent use of the various permutations of the first-person pronoun ("I," "ME," "MINE," and far less frequently "we") that makes those words leap out of otherwise-ignorable faculty conversations in university coffeeshops and that makes a given faculty peer's conversation sound like "[mumble mumble mumble] I [mumble mumble] MY [mumble mumble ] inappropriate [mumble mumble mumble] MY OPINION "? That tone, inflection, focus, and general aura of unexamined self-love that makes entirely too large a percentage of the general population think we're spoiled out-of-touch pompous asses....? That one?

Don't ever do that.

[time to put in the earplugs]

*NB: thank God, with the exception of my music colleagues, most of whom have far more healthy senses of self-deprecation.

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