Monday, January 02, 2006

Another messianic asshole

Recently surfed past a fragment of The Patriot. I had the misfortune to see it first one July 4th with a bunch of typically-dweeby-and-abstract libertarians who cheered at the tomahawk scenes.God, I would have loved to see them in 18th-century hand-to-hand combat.

Why is it that libertarian theory (smaller government, fewer laws, personal responsibility), which seems so reasonable in the abstract, is perpetually manifested by geeks who think memorizing the Constitution and refusing to pay taxes for infrastructure makes them Minutemen?

Ayn Rand's philosophy is egocentric, self-mythologizing, ill-written gobbledygook.

[updated 2 Mar 06, from NRO online: "
It's okay to think Atlas Shrugged is the greatest book you've ever read until you're 18. Then you should stop."

And I was reminded again that, long before
Passion of the Christ, Gibson was already a messianic asshole.
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