Thursday, November 03, 2005

Say goodnight, Ken

Kenneth Tomlinson, the Republican appointee who used public funds to commission political analyses seeking "bias" in the work of Bill Moyers--the man who helped invent the Corporation for Public Broadcasting--has been fired from the CPB board, after having been forced out as Director. There's a Senate-commissioned audit/analysis coming which is going to confirm all of Tomlinson's exploitative, cynical, opportunistic, and vicious political maneuvering. Say goodnight, Ken. Go make your millions in the private sector, and leave the short bread and clean ethics of public broadcasting to those who actually have a conscience.

One more Bush/Neo-con appointee bites the dust. And he won't be the last.


Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, give it a freaking rest.

CJS said...

God, I love anonymous comments like this--they're so *courageous*.

Until you grow some guts, pal, don't expect me to pay attention to you.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm - so you see your posts as "courageous?" and aren't paying attention to mine?

i wonder if you're sending your tough talk to Kenneth Tomlinson, the Bush family, or simply sounding off online - talk about courage - you are, in effect, as anonymous as anyone if not

you've chosen to utilize a blog that allows for anonymous responses - that was your decision - unless the republicans forced you to do it

CJS said...

I allow anonymous responses on purpose, because it's an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff. You're obviously chaff.

No republican ever forced me to do anything--least of all you. In Internet transactions, I use the job-site test: is a correspondent (*especially* an anonymous one) using language that would get him/her punched out on a job-site. If so, then I know s/he is a coward. And so I know you're one too.

My name's on my profile. Where's yours, punk?

Anonymous said...

a violent, conflicted, courageous, Buddhist on the job site separating the wheat from the chaff and judging where teachings tell them to refrain

it must be something to see

do you find the philosophy works well in practice?

say one thing - demonstrate another - sounds kind of republican - we're really all the same

CJS said...

Last chance, coward. Give a name and a profile or find your postings deleted.

You're not equipped to comment on Buddhism, or Buddhist attitudes about "gentle violence", or about Manjushri the wrathful deity.

If you're getting off by maintaining the conversation, I hope you reach your "happy ending" soon--because absent a verifiable ID, you're gone.